Our Story

The Keto Shop & Bakery is a licensed and insured bakery. Our headquarters store is located in Iowa City, Iowa.
In 2014 we discovered the ketogenic way of eating. We were skeptical just as many others are when they hear that eating high amounts of fat could help you lose weight and be healthy. Even with the doubt in our minds we began to dig for information pertaining to the ketogenic way. Before our discovery we already knew that baking was a passion of ours. As we looked deeper into the ketogenic way, we started to notice all of the sweet baked things that we already loved could be modified into a ketogenic version and that's when we realized that losing weight wasn't as hard as it seemed. We discovered that this way of eating also provided it's followers with a better quality of life without the harsh restrictions. Many individuals on our team have lost weight and have completely changed their lives. Our mission is to change the lives of as many people as we can by helping them lose weight and feel better about life, one day at a time.